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just-a-bethyl-boy-in-wonderland replied to your post“WELL”
Glad you’re back!
Thank you so much! ^_^ P.S I’ve really enjoyed a lot of your text posts lately~~~
emurii replied to your post“WELL”
Nice to see you! I have also been on a bit of a hiatus… It’s tough to keep up!
Thank you!  Glad to see you too~ ^_^ It truly is though~~~ I’ve just resolved myself to reblogging here and there!
jonghooey replied to your post“WELL”
hope things are going well!
Thank you for your well wishes Miss Rui! ^_^ I hope the same for you~~~ I noticed lately that you acquired ACNL, be warned that it is highly addictive :D P.S I saw those new Okuni cosplay pictures, awesomeness!
vionifly replied to your post“WELL”
VIO MY DEAR I MISSED YOU TOO HI! *hugs back* How have you been?!

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